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Family Law

Nothing is more important than your family.  Domestic disputes and legal issues involving spouses, children, or other family members can be the most devasting times in a person’s life.  We understand and are here to help.  Each case is unique and deserves the same attention and care we would give to our own families.  When you are dealing with personal sensitive matters you will want an attorney with the knowledge and preparation to aggressively represent you.  We will help guide you toward obtaining the best outcome for your specific situation.

Katherine A. Harmon is a Family Law Specialist as certified by the Family Law Certification Board.  If you have an issue to be resolved in family law, look no further for the most committed, passionate, and effective firms to represent you in matters such as the following:


  • Divorce and Separation (alimony, spousal support, division of marital properties)
  • Child Custody Disputes, Modifications, and Establishment of Parenting Time
  • Adoption
  • Guardianships
  • Paternity Actions
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Protective Orders
  • Family Law Appeals
  • Modifications of prior Court Orders due to changes in circumstances
  • Pre-nuptial or post-marital agreements
  • Same sex family law matters
  • Estate Planning

Divorce and Separation

Whether you are thinking about filing for divorce, are already in the process of a divorce, or want to modify an existing order, it is important to hire a skilled and trustworthy attorney to protect you and your family. At The Northside Law Firm, we pride ourselves with expertise in this area. Our staff will help guide you through the process.

A separation isn’t the same thing as a divorce. The biggest difference between a divorce and legal separation is that a divorce terminates the marriage, while a separation does not. A divorce can be contested or uncontested; just as it can be very intricate or simple. An uncontested divorce is where both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce and file a joint agreement on everything with the court. A contested divorce is where spouses cannot agree and must go through the entire divorce process to have a judge make the final decisions.

Once you have decided to end your marriage, one of the most important decisions you make is selecting a lawyer to represent you. You need someone who is experienced in family law.  Katherine Harmon has practiced in this area her entire career and is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the Family Law Certification Board. We at the Northside Law Firm take the time to understand your situation as well as goals in order to develop a strategy to produce the best possible outcome. Even though many couples reach divorce agreements without going to court, Katherine has the knowledge and experience to handle complex litigation issues such as:

    • Child Custody disputes and visitation
    • Valuation and division of business and retirement assets
    • Financial, tax, and debt issues
    • Valuation and division of property

Please reach out to us today to advocate for you and your future!

Indiana Family Law Appeals

It is possible to contest the final outcome of a divorce under certain circumstances if you feel an unfair decision has been made.  The Northside Law Firm may be able to help you attempt a more favorable result by filing an appeal.  An appeal is not a new trial, but rather a request to have a higher court review the original trial in order to determine if a case ended unjustly.  Typically, an appeals court will study the trial transcript as well as evidence and testimony in order to determine if there was an issue with the original ruling.  Appellate court also requires thorough briefs from attorneys representing both sides in order provide written account of the facts, legal arguments, and reasons why the original ruling was not just.

A lawyer from our firm can review your final order and guide you through appellate options.  It is not an easy decision and our team will help you weigh the options.  An appeal must have grounds or evidence to support the claim that a Judge ruled unjustly and they do require a substantial amount of time which can become very costly.  It is important to seek assistance when deciding on an appeal and our experienced team can help! 

Katherine Harmon understands the importance of pursuing more favorable odds and prides herself on the vast experience she has within Family Law Appeals.

Estate Planning and Probate

The Northside Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services to help you plan for the future.  As part of a separation or divorce you may want someone with careful understanding of your family’s situation and the extent of your assets to craft the right plan for you.  Every family has a legacy and it is important to have someone you can trust help you along the way.  Whether it is something as simple as writing a new will, making changes to an existing will as part of a life change, or developing a complex plan, we can help!

One of the obvious purposes for a will or estate plan is to determine how your money, property, and assets will be distributed after your death.  Through divorce or separation, these areas of your life may have significantly changed recently.  Legal advice is necessary if you want your assets to be disposed of according to your wishes without triggering a family fight or even litigation.

In the alternative, without a will, after death of a loved one, you might be in the process of distributing their assets.  We understand that the probate process can be stressful for grieving family members.  Our skilled legal staff can help you manage the probate process effectively and efficiently. 

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